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The 2020 Election will be one of the most critical elections to date. Let's do our part by understanding our rights and remembering these six elements.

Find your polling location

Unlike early voting, you have a specific location to cast your ballot on Election Day. To find your polling place visit vote411.org. Don't forget to check your voter registration status.

Know what to bring

Some states require voters to bring two forms of identification. Items like your state issued ID, utility bill, bank statement, government check or document will all work. If you're not sure if your state requires one bring your state ID to be sure.

Know your Voters Rights

If you experience any form of intimidation or suppression at all, you can report it to a poll worker. The U.S. Department of Justice takes voter intimidation very serious so call (888)736-5551 or email voting.section@usdoj.gov to file a complaint.

Know your candidates and the Issues

There are other names on the ballot so please be sure to aware of your state and local government. We understand that most coverage has been has been on the presidential candidates so please don't forget the candidates.

Ask for Help

Poll worker may not tell you who to vote for but they can help you with filling out your ballot correctly. Ask for help if you need it.

Wear a mask and socially distance

We are still in a pandemic so please protect yourself and others by wearing your mask. Let's help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Let Your Voice Be Heard! Vote!

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