Move Over Willy Wonka there’s a New Chocolate Factory in Town


As a 90’s baby, my fondest memory, hands down, was watching musicals with my friends and family. What started as a love became an obsession. I would race home, rush through homework and pop in the glorious, Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory VHS. If you didn’t remember Charlie’s duo with his Lazy Grandpa Joe, Violet’s Blue face (no Blueface) or Oompa Lumpa number let me take you down memory lane while we learn of a chocolate factory right in heart of downtown Raleigh.

I visited Videri Chocolate Factory with Chef Ed while exploring downtown one nice afternoon. An unexpected surprise, Videri sits right on West Davie Street across from hot spots Boxcar and The Pit.

When entering the door, a crack of the entrance unleashes an elegant rush of organic cocoa that sweeps you off your feet and into the whimsical boundaries of pure chocolate bliss.

With a vintage feel, you’re quickly comforted with nods of fresh chocolate, freshly brewed coffee (a small coffee cafe sits within the factory) and friendly faces.

Chef Ed and I took a mini tour of our own as he was familiar with the process of making chocolate. After our tour, we took a stop by the shop and picked up the hand-crafted master piece. Find out what flavors we each chose during the Pilot episode of 'Out & About', available only on BATA Studios.

Check out our tour now on BATA Studios and stop by Videri Chocolate Factory if you’re looking for the perfect foodie experience in Downtown Raleigh. Out & About is out now for your viewing pleasure.

Those who have never seen the original Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory Have some homework but for those 80’s and 90’s babies “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket”!

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