An Open Drag to COVID-19 to Cure your Stay Home Blues


Hello BATA Bots, it's Editor and Founder of BATA Studios here. I want to check in with our readers. We have been away taking a break from all the madness and staying informed. I understand others may not have the luxury of a safe home or working from home. Whatever you may do, I want to say THANK YOU from the mountain top. From healthcare professionals to retail workers and those taking care of the homeless and hungry, you are gem and a beacon of hope in strange times. My belief that good people still exist in the world is confirmed. The actions we take today are making a better tomorrow and I want you to stay encouraged. YOU ARE LOVED AND APPRECIATED.

Now let's drag this virus that has plagued the world and many families.

Granted, American leadership was warned prior to your arrival but many things have tired to take humans out before but you, my nemesis, must GO! Like a Ghana must-go bag that's been ripped to shreds with the piercing smell of stock fish, where is the nearest dumpster. You have highhandedly taken out over 500, 000 people across Europe, Asia and the States in-sighting an entire PANDEMIC. Girl, next time just call me before you come, we can step up a quality roll-out. That way, we can all be out of your way.

From what I do know about you, you just aren't someone I would hang with Corona. I hate but love to say it, sis, I can't rock with you. You violate all my moral codes and cross all the boundaries. If no boundaries was a virus, honey chile it would be you. You know what I'm surprised they don't have a Law and Order episode on your trifling, hateful self. I'm staying clean but I can't say the same for the people who don't wash their legs. I just know i'm in the grocery store with the folks that don't wash their lower half. Them plus you... Yikes!

While I do not agree that we should open up cities to the public or riot... ok protest. The lock down has made the stupids even more stupid (Karen your raggedy slip is showing, relax). To protest a pandemic is a concept that I will never understand. The wreckage you are causing beats Wreck It Ralph on an off day. What did New Edition say "You need to cool it, now!"

The audacity of you to fall through the world like you were sliding in DM's, like c'mon sis, you are not low-key. I think that's what I dislike about you the most Corona, you are over staying your welcome. You and the fish from three days ago can get the stepping. Seriously though, you taken a tremendous amount of people and I would like it to stop. I want the compassion to continue but you my nemesis have to go.

At this point, I don't know who is more petty, you or the one person that washes only their plate after dinner. "So you can eat but you can't clean?!" Ugh.

Corona you are the worst kind of virus. There seems to be no cure, no one knows where your raggedy tale came from, and you are uniting the stupid people. "What kind of person doesn't have people, you ain't right?!" (For my Mad Men fans).

I should've known you were crazy, with nineteen versions of yourself, the next season of Making a Murderer should feature you my dear. Of coarse Capitalism is still thriving but if your smoke doesn't clear, I'm dreading marching up to the poll on election day. You're toxicity has gotten to peak privilege and I've had (I'm not made at the six feet apart rule though).

If there are things that I can count on right now, they are Shelia G's Salted Caramel Brownie Brittle and Vitamin C. Other than that, give me fifty feet Coronavirus a.k.a COVID-19.

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