Start Valentine's with Ndani TV's 'The Housewife' and 'Fractured' -What to Watch Wednesday

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Your content plug is back again with some binge-worthy finds. This time, I have a few Nigerian short film picks that tug at the matters of the heart. I've been dying to find Nigerian films with great sound quality and even better picture and I believe I've found it on Ndani TV. Ndani TV is a platform similar to ours and we just love their content.

Just in time for Love Month, 'The Housewife' will defiantly have you questioning "What's does high blood pressure have to do with it?". A devoted housewife is betrayed by her husband and turns to a doctor for help.

Up next, we have another Ndani TV, original short, 'Fractured'. After a couple ties the knot, they are left wondering how to move forward when the husband finds out terrible news.

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