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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Happy New Year! It's been a minute since we as, BATA Studios, have given you new content to obsess over. With that being said, we've found a new series that is going to make you a little curious about the three letter word.

Like most high school teens, hormones are raging and parents are wrapping their children in bubble wrap or Bubby Boy. In this case, Raph, an over protective big brother is having a hard time watching Zara his younger sister grow up. With loads of family drama, this romantic comedy is sure to give you quality cackles and one liners.

Queerious, a web series, only on its third episode yet its already heating up. One night stands, adultery, and secrets; Who doesn't love a series loaded with drama? Written by Lex, the series follows K'wame, a queer woman,

looking for love and comiitemnt living a life as a player. dating a married woman while acting as a player. Seemingly jealous of her friend, Jamela,

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