Those Back Stabbers: 5 Dramatic Web Series You're Missing Out On

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

1. Tough Love

Six friends, Six Stories, and a whole lot of lies makes for a story.

While maintaining relationships are hard, so is paying New York rent for one couple. All three seasons go through what one couple and really good friends will do to help each other, hence the show's title, 'Tough Love'.

2. Close Friends

Close Friends or Frienemies? They've known each other since grade school but will that stop them from crossing the line? Spoiler Alert! Absolutely not. This show doesn't have the best actors but the plot thickens in each season. While we don't suggest you watch this series with bae, we do recommend it for your night in. ​

3. 80/20

Tyler Perry's 'Why Did I Get Married' taught us the 80/20 rule but watching this series will make you believe these couples and friends missed that day in class. 80/20 is filled with intriguing character and a plot twist that will have you hoping for a season two(Season 2 gets juicy).​

4. Matters of the Heart

If you’re looking for a series with great visual esthetic and quality audio, ‘Matters of the Heart’ might be for you. The series has a strong plot and quality writing. Although the series only last one season, this a Binge worthy web series. ​

5. Caught Up

Remember that group of college friends that were so close-knit and their friendship seemed to be inseparable. Well, the 'Caught Up' cast is just that. As the storyline unravels, we find out just how close and caught up these friends get.

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